Andrew Pearson

  • Andrew Pearson 2. jpg.jpg Fading Reverence/ How We Fail to See, 2008. Oak. Photo credit: Julie Hutt.
  • Andrew Pearson 'Erasmus’ First Attempt At The Computer'.jpg Erasmus' First Attempt at the Computer, 2010. Lime/ wine box. Photo credit: Jon Best.
  • JonBestwebpics 017.jpg Claudette, 2011. Portrait head now part of a larger composition. Lime. Photo credit: Jon Best.
  • Andrew Pearson 'Misericord from St Mary Magdelene, Leintwardine'.jpg Misericord from St. Mary Magdelene Church, Leintwardine: Flossie Lane, 2010. Oak. Photo credit: Alastair Gloag.

What inspires me

I enjoy making narrative, satirical, humorous new work just as carvers in history made new work relevant to their times. The woodwork I am inspired by was made in the 12th to the 17th centuries, a world without TV or advertising, very little travel and a largely illiterate population.

I make carvings similar in spirit that fit into a modern, visually ultra-aware world that has become very small and less awesome. I am a new link in an old chain.

Making in the Midlands

My BA 3D Design course was at Wolverhampton Polytechnic from 1986 to 1989. Living and working in Shropshire has been fundamental to my work. Nothing to do with availability of timber but rather lots of other artists nearby, an inspiring landscape, a culture of creativity, slow pace of life and a good local client base.

It is good to share ideas and experiences with fellow makers in the area and work together to raise the awareness of potential buyers.

What has changed most about the crafts in the last thirty years

Potential customers look around using the internet and compare my prices to those of hobby craftspeople. I can only strive to be better, more exclusive, more diligent in meeting clients' needs.