The 2006 and 2012 Made in the Middle exhibitions were the first to feature films. In 2006 Craftspace commissioned interviews with three of the exhibitors which became part of the ‘Recording the Crafts’ archive, managed by Dr Matthew Partington. The makers were silversmith Ndidi Ekubia, glass makers Sheldon Cooney and ceramicist Bridget Drakeford.

The content and results of the 2012 action research project ‘Apprenticeships in the Making’ was captured and shared through film. You can find more information on that project in the action research section.

Made in the Middle 2012, ‘Pathways to Making’, featured interactive ceramic pieces by the Flying Potter, Jon Williams. Two visitors to Rugby Art Gallery and Museum were filmed playing the ceramic pieces.

Made in the Middle, Recording the Crafts, 2006

Made in the Middle, Apprenticeships in the Making, 2012

Made in the Middle, Pathways to Making, 2012 Percussive ceramics by Jon Williams