Jane Moore

  • 3.jpg Multi-coloured Bird Eggs Brooch, 2014. Oxidised silver, enamel and enamel transfers. Photo credit: Russell Barker.
  • 1.jpg Multi Charm Pendant, 2006. Oxidised silver, enamel and enamel transfers. Photo credit: Russell Capps.
  • 2.jpg Black Floral Brooch Silver, 2009. Silver and enamel. Photo credit: Paul Hartley.
  • 4.jpg Earrings, 2015. Oxidised silver and red enamel. Photo credit: Russell Barker.

What inspires me

My work has evolved over the years but I almost always work in silver. Enamel has also played a big part in my work as I love colour. I have used various techniques for applying enamel to my pieces which I have found to be enormously challenging yet satisfying.

My work is often figurative and/or narrative. I believe my main inspiration is from the artefacts and imagery found in Japan. I am influenced by the style and precision. I really enjoy the challenging aspect of designing and problem solving the application of enamel onto silver.

Making in the Midlands

Living so close to Birmingham has really helped me in my business. I am able to visit the Jewellery Quarter to buy materials and use the Assay Office. I have also been a visiting tutor at the School of Jewellery which I have found to be very stimulating. I did have my own jewellery gallery in Leamington Spa but alas I had to close due to the recession. I now sell my work at various venues and have exhibited quite a lot at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

What has changed most about the crafts in the last thirty years

I believe craft has become a little more acceptable. It is still however very difficult to make a living. There are so few high quality craft fairs to show at.

Website: http://www.janemoore.co.uk/