John Moore

  • Neckpiece.jpg Verto Necklace, 2013. Anodised aluminium, silver, silicone and magnets. Photo credit: Dade Freeman.
  • Silver earrings.jpg Kite Earrings, 2014. Silver, steel and silicone. Photo credit: John Moore.
  • Blue, gold, red earrings.jpg Flight Earrings, 2014. Anodised aluminium, steel and silver. Photo credit: John Moore.
  • Gold pendant.jpg Obelisk Pendant, 2014. Silver and gold plated silver. Photo credit: John Moore.

What inspires me

Making is like food to me. It's probably the biggest part of me and if I didn't make I think I'd feel very incomplete. My work is the result of everything I loved as a child which was generally to do with fantasy and magic, particularly flight.

In terms of visual inspiration, feathers and wings are by far the strongest influence, along with insects and repeat patterns in nature.

For me the inspiration, the driving force behind my work is the idea itself and not the materials or process. Of course I learn from the materials as I use them, but while I am grateful for them they do not define me as a maker.

Making in the Midlands

Working in the Midlands was a great period of my life and the first chapter of my professional development. Warwickshire Arts Week was great. I attended maker seminars with Arts Council West Midlands in Birmingham and benefitted from two grants. Also being close to Birmingham's jewellery Quarter was very useful for obvious reasons.