Jacky Oliver

  • D Day 70 installation.jpg D Day 70, 2014. Etched Metal.
  • watering can 2..jpg Mr Middleton's Book of the Garden, 2013. Etched Metal.
  • 570366958.jpg Firebasket, 2005. Forged Stainless Steel.
  • held in the hand onion 5.jpg Mrs Beeton's Cook Book, 2013. Etched Metal.

What inspires me

I make because I love working with my hands. I am inspired by a number of different subjects. Following a briefing for a commission several years ago, I decided to rise to the challenge of working in a more figurative way to be able to create some pieces for users with dementia. This opened up a whole new direction in my work. To be able to manipulate a piece of material and transform it, see how it can change throughout various processes is really amazing.

Making in the Midlands

I live in London, although I taught in the Midlands for 15 years – in Coventry, Leicester and Loughborough at Foundation and Undergraduate level. This was very important to the development of my own work. One of the most major projects I have been involved in was my residency at Leicester Botanic Gardens.

What has changed most about the crafts in the last thirty years

I am very concerned about the lack of opportunities for young people to engage in craft, within schools and colleges. Universities are having their facilities reduced considerably, to the point that it will be very difficult for the next generation of makers to have the same understanding and appreciation of traditional craft skills. Whilst the introduction of new technology offers a number of fantastic opportunities, it is the hands on traditional skills that I really am completely drawn to and love.

Website: http://www.jackyoliver.co.uk/