Action Research

Craftspace has always recognised the limitations of working with craft purely as a commodity. We have placed importance on the processes involved and the value of of social interaction. We have drawn on craft heritage as something common to all cultures.  

Action research projects driven by a process of enquiry are a key element of Craftspace exhibitions. They create the evidence for how engagement with craft and its ideas, skills and processes can be beneficial.  The projects are run in partnership with host venues and relevant organisations alongside exhibition research and planning. They usually target people not involved in crafts.

Facilitated by a practising maker/s, these projects enable different community groups to collaborate and experience craft or making. This is focused around a particular theme, topic or question. The documentation and often the pieces produced are featured within touring exhibitions.

The representation of action research projects within touring exhibitions offers visitors a different perspective. It can also be a useful way to gain insights into the relevance of making to society.

Made in the Middle has been a key vehicle for the development of Craftspace's enquiries into different aspects of craft and making. There have been three action research projects in 2002, 2004 and 2012. These have investigated the role and value of craft objects in the home and the feasibility of apprenticeships.