Crafting Enterprise meets Made in the Middle

Anna and Tim Boswell

"I like Tim Boswell’s work because it is really delicate, detailed and precise. The shapes make me think of creatures like owls." Anna

  • Tim 2.jpg Parrelax, 2012. Blown glass. Photo credit: Dan Collins
  • Tim 3.jpg No title, 2012. Blown glass. Photo credit: Tim Boswell.
  • Tim 1b.jpg Allura, 2014. Blown glass. Photo credit: Simon Bruntnell.
  • Anna.jpg Anna's artwork inspired by the work of Tim Boswell, 2017. Oil pastel on paper. Photo credit: Helen Tomkins.
All Students

How do you get the different colours in the glass without mixing them?

It is helpful to think of the glass colours like plasticine. In the same way you can either keep the different glass colours separate from each other or if you mix them up they will eventually go brown.

What inspired you to work with glass?

The fun thing about glass blowing is you can make whatever your imagination can think up.

How long does it take to make one piece?

The longest piece will take two days preparing and four hours to blow, so it can be quite a marathon.