Crafting Enterprise meets Made in the Middle

Caitlin and Clare Pentlow

"I Like Clare's work because of the use of colour, shape and the all of the different ideas. It is very different to any other artist's work." Caitlin
  • clare-pentlow-6.jpg Fusion, 2014. Hand cut paper. Photo credit: Clare Pentlow.
  • clare-pentlow-2.jpg Cassini, 2015. Hand cut paper. Photo credit: Clare Pentlow.
  • clare-pentlow-4.jpg Blue, 2013. Hand cut paper. Photo credit: Clare Pentlow.
  • IMG_2200.JPG Caitlin's artwork inspired by the work of Clare Pentlow, 2017. Pencil and oil pastel on paper. Photo credit: Helen Tomkins
All Students

How do you make the work?

I make my work by simply hand cutting with a craft knife and folding paper which I then layer creating my sculptural pieces. It is something I am constantly refining; cutting smaller and smaller, working with more and more layers. I occasionally also use a laser cutter for more complex shapes which leaves a burnt edge on the paper.

How long does it take to make one piece?

It can vary from a couple of months to a few weeks, the pieces in the Made in the Middle exhibition took me over several months to make. I make them in stages so only folding them and finalising them at the very last possible moment before they are framed and put on display.

How many sheets of paper does it take to make one piece?

Again it can vary, the hand cut pieces for the exhibition had 60 sheets of paper in each and the laser cut piece was 3-4. Although as I continue to work I keep on using more and more sheets of paper, I am currently working on a piece which will hopefully have over 120 layers.