Crafting Enterprise meets Made in the Middle

Ela and Aimee Bollu

  • Aimee 1.jpg Composition of the Hoard objects, 2014. Mixed material. Photo credit: Yasmin Ensor.
  • Aimee 3.jpg Vessel with Bolted Lid, 2014. Mixed material. Photo credit: Yasmin Ensor.
  • Aimee 2.jpg The Hoard, 2014. Mixed material. Photo Credit: Terry Ng.
All Students

What inspires you to make your work?

I am inspired by objects that I find, or that have a past life. The objects feature in my work and inform what I make to compliment and highlight the found thing, or to contrast with it. I also love to take photographs of rusty things, decrepit buildings or anything that looks like its on its last legs. Taking pictures is my way of drawing - I’m awful at drawing!

What has your experience in the craft industry been like?

My experience of the craft industry has been more business - like than I would have first anticipated. Creativity is one small part of being a practicing artist, so I still feel like I’m learning how to do the other things. It is also interesting for me to see how my work crosses boarders between craft and fine art, although I’ve found the fine art industry a lot tougher and more critical.

How long does each piece take to make?

I could be walking for the rest of my life finding objects. That process will take forever. It’s something I’ve done long before I went to university to study Decorative Arts and is just part of who I am. I probably take longer than most to make in materials however, as I’m trying to learn how to handle every material, so far without mastering one. Typically, I would say a piece (which I consider to mean several objects combined together in a display) can take at least one month.