Crafting Enterprise meets Made in the Middle

Emma and Libby Ward

"I think Libby Ward’s work is stunning. I am particularly drawn to her ‘growth rings’ as they are beautifully crafted. I would love to be able to create products like that." Emma
  • IMG_2123.JPG Emma's artwork inspired by the work of Libby Ward, 2017. Oil pastel on paper. Photo credit: Helen Tomkins
  • Libby ward Growth ring (1).JPG Growth Ring in solid silver, style 3, 2016. Photo credit: Libby Ward
  • libby 2.jpg Found metal structure, 2016. Photo credit: Libby Ward.
  • libby 1.jpg Copper electroformed test ring, 2016. Photo credit: Libby Ward.
All Students

How long does it take to make your work?

It depends really, if I have a deadline to work to then I tend to work out how many weeks I have and I set myself time to research, design, experiment, test and make. My collection from the deep took around 4-5 months to develop.

Was it hard to get a business going and attract buyers?

One of the main things that helped me start my business was a business course called Speedplus, it’s a six month programme which teaches you the basics of setting up. It also came with a grant that I used to buy my equipment so I could start making. I launched my business in 2014 at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, which was totally nerve wracking! But the response I had was great, I couldn’t believe how well people responded to my work and techniques. 

How do you work out cost versus profit when you are making your work?

I work out how long it takes me to make the piece from beginning to end and then I add my material costs. I then add my stand rate of overhead costs and profit percentage; this figure is then timed by 100% to get my RRP.